We are all about research

Our natural world faces many challenges that can seem insurmountable. Taking action to reverse environmental problems can seem daunting and even impossible due to uncertainties about which actions to take. Solving these real-world problems through careful and focused research is the goal of applied ecology. IAE uses science as our primary tool for innovating new approaches to ecological challenges. For example, we conduct research into the biology of endangered plants and animals and use that information to design alternative strategies for their local enhancement and re-wilding, then use experiments to test the effectiveness of those different techniques to identify an optimal method. In this way, we have contributed to the conservation and even full recovery of several endangered species, including Bradshaw’s desert-parsley in Oregon, and we continue to apply this process to additional species-in-need in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.

We also use research to develop better ways to restore habitat, control invasive species, track populations of species of concern, and predict the best locations to search for or restore endangered species. Applied ecology has become a game-changer for habitat and species conservation. By putting science into practice, we can discover better ways to conserve our environment, and scale up our findings to protect our natural heritage.