Estuary Technical Group

Estuary Technical Group

The Estuary Technical Group (ETG) provides scientific decision support and on-the-ground resource management for estuarine restoration and conservation, with a focus on estuarine wetlands. The Estuary Technical Group builds upon IAE’s successful history of conservation practice by adding a new concentration in estuarine ecology. The goal of the Estuary Technical Group is to restore estuarine habitats, improve estuarine restoration results, and advance the understanding of estuarine ecosystems through cost-effective application of the best available science.

Examples of ETG projects

  • Helping resource management groups develop strategic plans for estuarine wetland restoration, including funding allocation and climate change adaptation planning
  • Providing technical guidance to federal and state agencies for accurate mapping and assessment of estuarine wetlands
  • Monitoring tidal wetland restoration sites to track their effectiveness and provide accountability to funders for their investment
  • Assisting watershed councils and nongovernmental organizations with tidal wetland restoration design, implementation and monitoring
  • Providing outreach to the public and to the scientific community on tidal wetland functions and ecology, impacts of human activities, and how to mitigate for those impacts
  • Conducting research on carbon sequestration and collaborating with other researchers to develop a “blue carbon” action plan for the Pacific Northwest


Habitat restoration site photos taken by Estuary Technical Group members.
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