Who We Are

The Institute for Applied Ecology is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Corvallis, Oregon and Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’re committed to the conservation of native species and habitats.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Institute for Applied Ecology is to conserve native species and habitats through restoration, research and education. Our vision is a world where all people and wildlands are healthy and interact positively, biological diversity flourishes, and environmental challenges are met with a social commitment to solving problems with scientific principles.

What We Do

  • We provide a service to public and private agencies and individuals by developing and communicating information on ecosystems, species, and effective management strategies.
  • Restoration of habitats is a primary focus, and we conduct this work through partnerships with a diverse group of agencies, organizations and the private sector.
  • We link our community with habitats through education and outreach.


Diversity makes us strong.

Equity is in our nature.

We are passionate about inclusion across gender, race, age, religion, identity, and experience. We know that people enrich our organization and accomplish our mission. Just as biological diversity makes ecosystems resilient, human diversity gives us power, creativity, and adaptability. We empower everyone to bring their authentic selves to work, and we strive for a workplace that reflects our communities.

Read our DEIJ Action Plan here.


IAE was founded in 1999 in Corvallis, Oregon, and our Southwest office was established in May 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since then, it has grown from a full time staff of one with three seasonal botanists to a diverse and active staff with expertise in habitat management, research and experimental design, restoration, education, and planning.  Our internship program, in partnership with the Native Plant Societies of Oregon and New Mexico, has expanded to include over five participants a year, with a total alumni in excess of thirty. We have been awarded both the Oregon Recreation and Parks Association Natural Resource Section 2007 Environmental Organization Award to the Institute (for the Applied Ecology RARE partnership) and the 2004 West Eugene Wetlands Award.

Luina nardosmia flower Hobson Horn
Luina nardosmia

Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership (CPOP)

IAE is a part of CPOP, a community of people and organizations that are involved in prairie-oak conservation and species recovery efforts in western Cascadia.

Thank you to our Business Sponsors!

Earthfort LLC – We help farmers rebuild and protect the life in their soils to yield a healthy and productive farm for today and future generations.

Heritage Seedlings and Liners – No nursery does more in regard to resource and habitat stewardship than Heritage Seedlings.

SevenOaks Native Nursery – Since 1979, Sevenoaks is a wholesale nursery that raises over 400 different species of native plants propagated from seed.