2023 Fundraising Campaign

Prairie House Project

Let’s Give Conservation a Home!

Today an estimated one million animal and plant species worldwide face extinction due to climate change, invasive species, and habitat loss. The world needs our help and commitment. We know that these losses can be halted and reversed by engaging science, people and nature in solutions. We are working to recover a land of hope for all people and species.

The ecological challenges we face have grown and so has IAE and the importance of our mission. Since 1999 we have tooled up and refined our abilities. We now have a workforce of nearly 65 employees engaged in projects in 9 Western states.

Aerial drone shot of the Prairie House with construction of the native seed production shop and greenhouse in progress. August 2023. Photo credit: Scott Harris

IAE’s Recent Accomplishments

  • Downlisting of the Fender’s blue butterfly (native to the Willamette Valley) from endangered to threatened status
  • 581,925 seedlings grown and planted for restoration and recovery efforts
  • 2,651 pounds of seed produced, distributed for restoration projects, and sown in total
  • 2,251 volunteer hours for conservation and outdoor education programs contributed
  • 1,121 acres of land in seed production or active restoration
  • 351 sites for conservation research and restoration efforts across 9 bioregions
  • 39 research projects at 277 sites with 8 endangered species, pollinators and wildlife
  • 88 species of plants wild-collected for seed production and gene banking

Saving nature involves and benefits all of us, and we share a common responsibility to care for the land. With your support, we can put down roots and give conservation a home in the Willamette Valley!

Putting Down Roots at Prairie House

We are very excited to share the great news with you — last year we acquired a new building for our Corvallis, Oregon headquarters, the ‘Prairie House’, and on June 5 we broke ground for new construction! With your support, we can secure IAE’s capacity to restore and conserve ecosystems today and for the future.

Our goal for the Prairie House is to better meet the global challenges we face—and foster a more dynamic conservation movement. With this facility, we can grow plants for habitat restoration and recover endangered species more effectively. We will triple the amount of native seeds we can produce. We can clean and store native seeds, and build our shared capacity for research and education. Our staff will be supported in a safe and well-equipped hybrid work environment, and our organization will achieve financial sustainability through building a stable home for conservation in the Willamette Valley.

What Your Contribution Supports

  • Renovating the new office space including refurbishing, repairs, and installing solar panels to offset electricity costs
  • Building a new equipment storage shed for our restoration field crews
  • Building a greenhouse which has the capacity to triple our native seed production
  • Building a shop and seed cooler to safely clean, gather, and store native seeds for the future

How to Get Involved

Other Donation Requests

As our organization has expanded to meet the demand for habitat restoration and conservation work, we have outgrown our current fleet of IAE vehicles. Do you have an older truck or AWD-capable car that you’d like to donate to a good cause? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or give us a call at (541) 753-3099!