Growing the Next Generation of Ecologists

IAE offers spring and summer internships. Interns typically work in crews of 3-4 under the guidance of crew leaders and IAE staff. Depending on their focus, interns may work in Oregon or in the Southwest. Our interns gain on the ground experience in the fundamentals of ecological data collection, the logistics of field research projects, and native seed collection strategies. They also have the opportunity to meet a diversity of natural resource professionals, and report back on their experiences at IAE’s Summer Intern Forum Event.

Intern positions are announced in January of each year on our Jobs page, with hiring completed in February and early March. Work typically begins in April and May, and continues through July or August.

IAE Internship Program Highlights

  • Over 150 interns trained in data collection and field ecology techniques since 1999
  • Training and hands on experience in plant, lichen, moss, and pollinator identification
  • Mentoring in finding graduate programs, career searches, and resume building
  • Networking with staff from Willamette Valley land management agencies and and conservation organizations

Tribal Youth Conservation Internship

Join the Southwest Seed Partnership with this paid internship for New Mexico tribal youth to help gather native seed for restoration in New Mexico and Arizona.

Our Internship Program Needs Your Support!

In the face of a changing climate and growing population, we need skilled ecologists to study, conserve, and restore the valuable natural habitats we have left.

For 20 years, IAE has been mentoring seasonal interns every summer. They come to us as college students or recent graduates, gain invaluable on-the-ground experience in the fundamentals of field work by taking part in conservation research projects scattered across Oregon and Washington, then continue on their way to careers in academia, natural resource agencies like the Bureau of Land Management or the US Forest Service, land trusts, and more. Our 150 intern alumni tell us their experience at IAE was instrumental in their success. Look for their stories in our monthly newsletter!

Starting this Earth Day, please support our Internship Program with a donation, give a chance to a young person starting out in in ecology and natural lands management, and ensure we have ecologists ready for the challenges of the next 20 years.