Prints for sale: Stilwell’s Oregon Botanicals Series

The Institute for Applied Ecology is very fortunate that Oregon artist Frances Stilwell has donated prints from her series titled "Oregon Botanical Landscapes: An Opportunity to Imagine Oregon Before 1800" to support our restoration, research and ecological education work. Ms. Stilwell is a scientist and artist whose love of Oregon ecosystems shines through in her art. The foam-core backed, high-quality giclee prints are available for sale at the IAE office, 563 SW Jefferson Ave, Corvallis, Oregon. Prices vary. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing a print to support IAE's work!

About Artist Frances Stilwell (Courtesy of Corvallis Arts Center)

Frances Stilwell worked as an ethologist (University of Oregon), biologist (Oregon State University), fisheries tech (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife), geomorphologist (Oregon State Forestry), and botanist (Bureau of Land Management). She authored the introductory chapter of a book in neuroscience for the Cambridge University Press, and co-authored scientific papers based on her observations and significance of mouse face grooming patterns.

Upon moving to Oregon in 1969, Stilwell realized that a way to define her new home was to become familiar with its native plants in their native habitats. Calling on her natural inclinations, her way to learn them was by drawing them. She soon realized her true calling was in the practice of arts. In 1981 she left the world of science to dedicate herself to the world of art. Since then she has compiled a collection of over 80 artworks in oil and pastel media entitled, OREGON’S BOTANICAL LANDCAPE: An Opportunity to Imagine Oregon Before 1800. Each piece includes by brief verbal content based on her scientific training.

Stilwell has published two books related to Oregon native plants and she was recently elected a Fellow of the Native Plant Society of Oregon. Paintings from her present exhibition OREGON’S BOTANICAL LANDCAPE: An Opportunity to Imagine Oregon Before 1800 have been shown in Ontario, Philomath, Pendleton and Tillamook, Oregon.

Non-framed prints are available for purchase, and range in price from $35-$200+. Please call if you are interested in viewing them. (541) 753-3099 x 701.



The Alkali Shore

Endangered Peacock Larkspur

Come Walk Through Spring

Prairie Species

Blue Mountains' own yellow lupines

The apple tree knocked over by the logging truck

Tiger lily sprites