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IAE Annual Fundraiser

2024 Invasive Species Cookoff

August 17, 2024 @ 5:30 pm 8:00 pm

2024 Invasive Species Cook-off, Corvallis, Oregon

August 17, 5:30–8pm, Common Fields, 545 SW 3rd Street

Tickets: $50 per adult general admission, $30 Single Discounted (Child under 12, Student, Unemployed)

What is the Invasive Species Cook-off?

The Invasive Species Cook-off is an event to remember, with dinner that features all-too-common invasive plants and animals. Guests are frequently surprised that well-known foods are both edible and invasive, usurping resources from our native ecosystems. This awareness-raising is at the heart of this fundraiser for the restoration, research and education work of IAE. Each year is more fun than the last with live music, food and beverages in a festival-like ambience. In 2024, the Cook-off Contest will feature professional food cart chefs cooking up invasive species and vying for the People’s Choice Award! Click here to watch a great video involving frog-gigging and past Cook-Offs on Oregon Field Guide. Thank you OPB!

2024 Cook-off Tickets On Sale Now!

2024 Amateur Chef Contest Details

Have a creative idea for a recipe that incorporates invasive species as ingredients? Sign up now to compete in the 2024 amateur chef contest at the Invasive Species Cookoff! Entries are judged in one of five categories:

  • Savory meat
  • Savory vegetarian
  • Sweets / dessert
  • Beverages (all ages)
  • Beverages (21+)

Submit a dish for our esteemed panel of judges! Invasive plants and animal dishes are encouraged, but will be for judges’ consumption only, no samples for the public! Bring enough for at least 10 tastes.

Please visit our Invasive species harvest guidelines and links to learn more. More specific information on individual invasive species can be found here.

Need recipe ideas? Check out They’re Cooked, our invasive species cookbook, for some delicious recipes!

Why are invasive species a problem?

When plants and animals are introduced to areas without their natural enemies, they can crowd out our native species. The U.S. spends over $120 billion annually on their control. We raise awareness of these species in a deliciously fun way that features invasive species. Read more on our blog post, Bring them to the table: What you can do to fight non-native plant infestations.