Invasive Species Cookbook



Product Description

They’re Cooked: Recipes to Combat Invasive Species

Ever eat an invasive species?  This cookbook contains 50 recipes from renowned chefs for such edible invasives as Asian carp, Bullfrog, Crayfish, Dandelion greens, Garlic mustard, Himalayan blackberry, House sparrow, Japanese knotweed, Kudzu, Nutria, Purple varnish clams, Sheep sorrel, Starling, Wild boar, and Wild turkey.

©2014 Institute for Applied Ecology.  Written by Corinne M. Duncan, co-created with Melanie Gisler and Tamara S. Mullen.  117 pages.

Contains beautiful photos, background information about each invasive, and recipes for each invasive species.  Now you can try your hand at making delicious recipes with invasive species with this unique cookbook!

Here is a sample from the cookbook: