Wetland restoration resource launched

Wetland Prairie Restoration: An Online Resource is a comprehensive introduction to the history and ecology of wetland prairies in the Willamette Valley and overview of the restoration process.

This new online resource is based on the soon-to-be-completed ‘Practical Guidelines for Wetland Prairie Restoration in the Willamette Valley, Oregon,’ which distills 10 years of research and lessons learned in the Willamette Valley region. The restoration guide was developed by the City of Eugene, Lane Council of Governments, and the Institute for Applied Ecology to share how-to recommendations with wetland restoration practitioners.

The webpage, which is hosted on the Cascadia Prairie Oak Partnership website, was created by students in the University of Oregon’s Environmental Leadership Program, Kathryn Alexander, Kathy Fioretti and Jeff Kresse, with ELP Co-Director Peg Boulay. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency generously provided funding to support the project through a Wetland Program Development Grant.

The newly launched site illustrates the ecology, effective management practices, techniques, and timelines, for restoration, as well as results from 14 different restored sites and several field studies. This resource will be of particular interest to wetland prairie managers and restoration practitioners.