Frequently Asked Questions

Seasonal Hiring Applicant Guide

Application Process

I want to apply to multiple seasonal positions with IAE, do I need to provide a separate application for each position?

  • It depends. One application can be used for all positions that are listed in the online application form. If you do not see a position on the online application form, then another application will need to be submitted.

What should be covered in my cover letter?

  • The cover letter should be a single page document with 2-3 paragraphs explaining why you want this position and how this position aligns with your goals. Make sure to highlight previous experience that might not be captured in your resume.

Should my previous pay rates be on my resume?

  • No, we do not ask for previous pay rates.

Are references required upon submission of the application?

  • No, references are not required to submit your application. References will be required if you are offered an interview. References can be added or updated at any point in the hiring process.

Can I use a personal reference?

  • Yes. We do require one of your references to be from prior work experience, but personal references are acceptable.

When will my references be contacted?

  • After interviews. We only contact references after interviews.

Will my application be accepted 24 hours after the due date?

  • Yes. We understand if applications are not submitted prior to the requested time, within reason. If the online application form is no longer available, then submit your materials to [email protected].

Will my application be accepted one week after the due date?

  • No. While we do have some flexibility regarding the due date, the hiring process will be in full swing 1 week after the deadline.

Can I make any changes to my application after I submit my application?

  • Yes. At any point in the hiring process, you can update your references and add any additional information that might have been missed in your resume, cover letter, or interview.

Are international applicants eligible to apply?

  • It depends. While IAE does not sponsor work visas, international applicants with a valid work visa are eligible to apply. Other international applicants may be eligible to apply. Contact [email protected] for details.

Interview Process

After the application submission due date, approximately when do interviews get scheduled?

  • It depends. On average we are scheduling interviews 3 weeks after application submission, but you might hear from us anywhere between 1 – 5 weeks after application submission.

How will interviews be scheduled?

  • Phone call or email. An initial call will be made to schedule interviews, if the call is missed, we will send a follow-up email requesting the best date and time for your interview.

What format will interviews be conducted?

  • Google Meet. We are happy to accommodate other formats if needed.

Will I be provided with interview questions before the interview?

  • Yes. You will receive interview questions 24 hours in advance of your scheduled interview.

Can interviews be conducted outside of normal business hours?

  • Yes. Ideally interviews will be conducted from 9am – 5pm PST/MST but we are happy to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

After the interview is completed, am I able to give additional information to questions that I might have forgotten?

  • Yes. Please send any additional information to either the contact that set up your interview or to [email protected]

Will I hear from the hiring team if I do not get the positions, if so in what format?

  • Yes. We will send an email to all applicants that did not get the position.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, please reach out to [email protected].