Ecological Education Program

We are focused on stewardship-based citizen science and service-learning, and we maintain educational programs under these Guiding Principles.

The Ecological Education Program offers opportunities for K-12 students, teachers, and community members to engage in place-based stewardship education through school programs, teacher workshops, and volunteering. Our programs are experiential, place-based, hands-on, and inspire inquiry and action. We partner with others to engage the future stewards of Oregon in the study of native plants and habitat restoration through service-learning and curriculum development.  Our goal is to connect people with nature and a sense of place through ecological education, stewardship, and citizen science.IMG_1803

Examples of our activities include:

  • Engaging local elementary, middle and high school students in endangered species reintroduction and schoolyard and natural area restoration
  • Providing curriculum and other resources for teachers in ecological education
  • Hosting community education workshops
  • Providing environmental education opportunities to incarcerated youth in Oregon Youth Authority facilities, including partnering with Cascadia Expeditions to provide outdoor adventure opportunities
  • Partnering with the Oregon Department of Corrections to provide vocational training and science education opportunities to incarcerated adults the through the Sustainability in Prisons Project – Oregon

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to form a partnership.

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Project Botany

“Salmonberry to Sagebrush: An Exploration of Oregon’s Native Plants” is an ecoregionally-based grades 9-12 curriculum about native plants in OregonOregon Curriculum cover

Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP) – Oregon Network


IAE is part of the Sustainability in Prisons Project – Oregon Network, working to bring science and nature opportunities into prisons.  We work closely with Department of Corrections and other partners to provide unique and meaningful service-learning opportunities to incarcerated men and women.

Local School Ecological Education Outreach Projects

We work with teachers, students, and volunteers in the local community to foster outdoor-based ecological education.

  • Engaging in habitat restoration around the local Corvallis area
  • Growing native plants in school greenhouses
  • Monitoring stream health, tracking of invasive species removal success
  • Classroom lessons about watersheds and native ecosystems

Are you a teacher, administrator, parent, or community member wanting to get involved with IAE’s education programs?  For more information, please contact Stacy Moore: 541-753-3099 x305