Memories from The View

By Nadav Mouallem

July 2018

As the sun sets on our 12-week season in Lakeview, Oregon, we can't help but reflect on all we have learned and experienced while living in 'Oregon's Tallest Town.' From the onset, Lakeview presented a stark contrast to life in the Wilamette Valley--with a population of only 2,400 and a severe lack of Subaru Outbacks, we knew we were in for a different experience. But as we explored Lakeview and connected with its community, we felt a sense of camaraderie and simplistic beauty unlike anywhere else. Lakeview, Oregon, has been a gracious host to us.

Our season was filled with new experiences, challenges, and unknowns. Whether we were looking for a new rare plant species, trying to navigate the rugged backcountry roads of the high desert, or identifying an unknown plant species, our season was filled with adventure and erudition.

Because we spent so much time in extremely remote areas, we were lucky enough to encounter many wild and beautiful animals native to the high desert - from coyote pups running in the Coyote Hills, to sandhill crane courtship in the Fremont Winema Forest, and golden eagles soaring above us at Beatty's Butte, we have been left in awe. Check out the sandhill crane courtship video we took to the left!

Focal Flora and Fauna of the High Desert

A special thanks to the Lakeview District Bureau of Land Management, and Institute for Applied Ecology for a great season!

The 2018 Conservation Research Crew: Clarissa Rodriguez, Meaghan Petix (crew lead), and author Nadav Mouallem.