Living the Dream: Collecting Seed at Crater Lake

Tiny, fluffy seeds of desert ocean spray, a shrub
that grows on steep rocky slopes.

Sarai Carter knee deep in rubber rabbitbrush.

Western pasque flower (Anemone occidentalis)
was a favorite sight at the Park. The fluffy seed heads stick up a foot above the
ground, well above the mostly ground-hugging plants in
the open areas.

Collected plant material drying in a large tent in our camp at Mazama Campground.

Pussypaws (Calyptridium umbellatum) just starting to
bloom on a cold day at the end of August. Inflorescences are upright when
it’s warm out but lay flat when it’s cool.

Mindy Trask collecting western needlegrass.

One of our spectacular collection sites on the steep rim near Crater Lake Lodge

Leanna Van Slambrook taking advantage of a
Photo-op at one of the many hidden views of Crater Lake off the pumice meadows of the park.
beaten path.

Marumleaf buckwheat is widespread in the large pumice meadows of the park.