High School leads recovery of Rare Plant Species

May 25, 2017
Twenty-eight juniors and seniors from College Hill High School conducted ecological surveys at Bald Hill Farm. Students assessed the health of a restoration site where they will plant the rare thin-leaved peavine (Lathyrus holochlorus) in 2018.
During today’s field trip, students learned and applied plant conservation and land stewardship principles while working to prevent listing and achieve recovery of the thin-leaved peavine. The field trip was hosted by Greenbelt Land Trust and trip was lead by ecological educators from the Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE).
Students collected site assessment data while dodging poison oak. Lindsay Willrick, Ecological Educator with IAE said, “Our goal is to provide high school-aged youth with hands-on, real-life experiences, while applying theoretical knowledge and gaining valuable workplace skills.
This project was funded by Northwest Resource Advisory Committee and the Bureau of Land Management.