Tyler Roberts

Restoration Ecologist, Habitat Restoration Program
[email protected], he/him
(541) 753-3099 x 721

Tyler is a Restoration Ecologist for the Habitat Restoration Program, where he writes, coordinates, and manages ecological restoration projects preserving sensitive habitat and restoring ecosystem processes. He studied Biology at the University of Oregon and upon graduating went into remote field research to test his mettle and learn about wild natural areas first hand. After returning to civilization, he earned an M.Sc. degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in ecology and conservation biology.  He has over 10 years of experience working on a variety of projects in ecological research, monitoring, and restoration. Throughout his career he has studied Alaskan landbirds, green sea turtles, sharks, Midwestern prairie grasses, prairie dogs, and community ecology of the riparian Southwest.
When not pulling weeds and sowing seeds, you can find him and his wife exploring nature and trying to keep their pack of dogs out of trouble!