Paul Reed

Restoration Ecologist, Habitat Restoration Program
(541) 753-3099 x 740

Paul is a Restoration Ecologist with IAE. He works to enhance habitat for native species by writing, managing, and implementing various ecological restoration projects in the Willamette Valley and beyond.

Originally from western New York, Paul received his B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University at Buffalo before moving to Oregon to complete his Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy at the University of Oregon. For his dissertation, he conducted climate manipulation experiments to study the effects of warming and drought on native prairies in the western Pacific Northwest. Following his Ph.D., Paul received a USDA-NIFA postdoctoral fellowship to implement an agroecological restoration experiment at a local bison ranch, which he is now scaling up as an IAE project.

Outside of work, Paul serves on the Lands Committee with the McKenzie River Trust, helping to review and prioritize new conservation opportunities with their Board of Directors. In his spare time, Paul enjoys cooking, running, and frequenting the Ridgeline trail system near his home in Eugene.