María Leonor Rodríguez

Southwest Education and Outreach Coordinator

[email protected], she/her

María is the Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Southwest office. She leads ecological education programs and coordinates outreach and volunteer events in Santa Fe. María runs Forest Bound and the New Mexico Nature in Prisons program, with the objectives of fostering connections with the surrounding landscape, supporting emerging ecological stewards, and advancing the conservation of New Mexico’s public lands. María earned a BA in Environmental Studies from Davidson College where she fostered an interest in creating meaningful and culturally relevant outdoor experiences that spark interest in long-lasting environmental change. Previous to her work at IAE, María worked in Outdoor Education programs based in Idaho and North Carolina leading multi-day outdoor trips across Idaho, the southeast, and Patagonia for teens and college students. Through her work and experiences in outdoor education, María found her love for backpacking and building communities outdoors that support the personal growth of individuals. In her free time, Maria enjoys going on big and small outdoor adventures, dancing, cooking elaborate meals, and learning how to successfully take care of her new plants!