Llew Whipps

Restoration Ecologist, Habitat Restoration Program
[email protected]

Llew is a Restoration Ecologist in the Habitat Restoration Program, where they manage projects to preserve sensitive habitat and increase ecosystem diversity. Llew has several years of experience working to restore wetlands, riparian areas, and oak-prairie ecosystems throughout Western Oregon. Before settling into habitat restoration, Llew built experience in an eclectic background including organic farming, trail work, food service, citizen science, and pest control. Llew is passionate about the places where ecology and culture meet, doing restoration in community and for multiple purposes, and returning indigenous stewardship and cultural fire to the land.

Born and raised in Portland, Llew recently ventured up the Willamette to find a new home in Corvallis. Outside of work, they enjoy playing fiddle tunes and free reed instruments, writing, sharing food with friends, chasing subalpine blooms, and getting nerdy about coppicing.