Liz Olson

Native Seed Network Coordinator, Plant Materials Program
[email protected]

Liz is the Native Seed Network Coordinator for IAE’s Plant Materials Program, where she is rebuilding the Native Seed Network, an online database and resource hub that connects habitat restoration practitioners with native seed producers nationwide. She graduated from Oregon State University with a M.S. in Applied Anthropology in 2023, where she studied Oregon fruit and vegetable farmers’ relationships to pests and beneficials, and what those relationships can tell us about farming in a changing climate. Liz has been interested in ecology for as long as she can remember, probably going all the way back to learning how to identify animal scat as a child at the local environmental education center near her home in upstate New York.

In her spare time, you can find Liz skiing, roller skating, crafting, experimenting with heirloom bean varieties, or making sourdough pizza with her friends. She has been living in Corvallis with her dog, Violet, since 2020.