J. Christina Mitchell

Ecologist, Conservation Research Program
[email protected]

Christina is a scientist and natural resource steward committed to conserving native species, protecting ecosystem quality, and restoring natural ecosystem function. As an ecologist with the Conservation Research Program, Christina surveys and monitors species to analyze community change over time and inform restoration practices to benefit native and threatened species in Oregon. She earned a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Delaware, gaining practical experience in landscape ecology, wildlife habitat management, taxonomy, and forest ecology research. Christina also earned a PhD in Entomology and Applied Ecology from North Carolina State University, where her dissertation focused on the effects of nonnative plant invasion and vegetation structure on urban forest arthropod communities. She has experience in urban ecology research, invasive plant and arthropod population monitoring and removals, habitat evaluations, ecosystem restorations, public outreach and education, and citizen science research. Christina enjoys watching nature while at work and at play and creating a feral Oregon homestead with her husband, dogs, and other creatures.