Aynesley Wilson

Restoration Technician
[email protected]

Aynesley is a Restoration Technician working to diversify degraded habitats for threatened and endangered species through the application of various on-site restoration techniques. Originally from Arizona, she received her Bachelor of Science in Planning (BSP) in Urban Planning from Arizona State University and has spent much of her professional life in the horticulture industry. She has always been interested in the intersections of people/plants and urban/natural environments. Those intersections have caused more than a few collisions for some species though, and Aynesley felt it was time to pivot her career to focus more on conservation and the environment.

In her free time, Aynesley can be found hiking and exploring the PNW with her fiancé and 2 hound dogs. She enjoys cooking and baking, reading, painting, bicycling, playing with her pups, and learning new things.