Alyson Singer

Project Manager, Idaho and Eastern Oregon Sagebrush in Prisons Program
[email protected]

Alyson is a naturalist at heart, a lover of the outdoors and all things that are alive. Alyson’s goal is to educate the public on important topics within wildlife conservation and spread her enthusiasm and passion about nature through her position at IAE and other endeavors.

Alyson has a B.S. in Biology and an A.S. in Animal Health Technology. After many years working in veterinary medicine, Alyson decided to focus on education and gained experience teaching natural science and veterinary technology, working as an environmental educator and as an Interpretive Park Ranger in Grand Teton National Park. She has also conducted field research studying native plants, mammals and birds in various regions in the west and has volunteered at various MAPS banding stations. Alyson is also a fine artist and will use her skills to enhance the Sagebrush program in new and exciting ways.

In her free time, Alyson will be riding a bike on a trail or around town, camping, bird watching, hiking, backpacking, skiing, attending a live music event and enjoying time with friends.