Ken Bierly, President

Ken is fascinated with ecological processes of all kinds. He has a background in Botany with degrees from Oregon State University and Colorado State University. His interest in wetlands and wetland management led to a position with the Department of State Lands. In his time with the state of Oregon he served as Wetlands Program Manager for the Department of State Lands and was awarded the 1992 National Wetlands Award from the Environmental Law Institute. He has served on the Board of the Association of State Wetland Managers.

Ken was the Governor’s Watershed Enhancement Board Program Manager and Watershed Advisor from 1996 until 1999 when the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) was created by the Oregon Legislature. Ken became Deputy Director of OWEB upon its creation in 1999. Ken oversaw the production of the Oregon Watershed Assessment Manual and worked with local watershed councils throughout the state to complete watershed assessments for all lands using a common format. Ken received a “Hammer” Award from the Clinton administration for his role in developing the Oregon Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. The program remains a model for linking incentives to ecological needs in a creative manner.

Retired from state service, Ken and his wife, Linda spend time with their granddaughter as much as possible.