Anne Bradley

Anne is currently the New Mexico Forest Program Director for The Nature Conservancy, and lives in Santa Fe. Anne has a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado College, and a Master’s degree in Botany from the University of Montana. Anne grew up in northern New Mexico, and considers herself fortunate to have spent her career managing natural and cultural resources in many wonderful locations across the West. Before her position with the Conservancy, she was an ecologist for the U.S. Forest Service where she studied and wrote about the role of fire in natural ecosystems, developed natural resource plans and served as a regional botanist responsible for the proper management of rare and endemic plant species. She has served as a member of IAE’s Technical Advisory Board for the Southwest Office since its inception. Anne’s current interests include collaborative land management, improving management of burned watersheds, and restoring fire to its rightful role as a critical natural process in ecosystems where it has been excluded. In her free time, Anne enjoys singing, birding and exploring New Mexico’s spectacular landscape. She seeks to bring a sunny southwestern perspective to the IAE Board of Directors.