Southwest Seed Partnership

Increasing the availability of native seed for restoration in New Mexico and Arizona





Seed conservation is essential in the Southwest where issues like wildfire, overgrazing, mining, and energy development threaten plant populations. Demand for native seed is increasing, but few farmers in New Mexico are working to increase the supply and availability of this seed. With a reliable supply of ecologically appropriate seed, southwestern restoration could be more successful.

The Southwest Seed Partnership (SWSP) arose in October 2015 to establish a network for native, locally adapted seeds while advocating for a new industry standard. Parallel to theĀ National Seed Strategy, the vision of this collaborative effort is to assess and prioritize plant populations, to collect and track wild seed, and to collaborate and coordinate with farmers and conservationists in order to increase the commercial availability of genetically diverse, locally sourced seed for restoration, rehabilitation, and reclamation projects in the Southwest. The SWSP hopes to support the native seed industry by consolidating demand and acting as a liaison between consumers and seed producers.

The Southwest Seed Partnership is managed by the Institute for Applied Ecology working closely with our partners.