Roberto Flores, Agricultural Liaison

Roberto Flores grew up with a passion for nature and photography. Hiking, climbing and cycling through his home state of Morelos, Mexico, he originally embraced photography as a way to document the landscape he loved. Later in life, he moved to Mexico City to enroll in the  Escuela Activa de Fotografía , where he would become an instructor. During his time in Mexico City, he also worked on the photography archive of Bob Schalkwijk as well as photographing for local journals.

In 2015, an interest in environmental heritage and restoration took him to San Diego, CA to volunteer at organic farms. In time, as his interest and knowledge of native landscapes grew, he started working in the California Native Plants industry as a manager for  Moosa Creek Nursery  and Village Nurseries.

To expand on his knowledge of nature as well as to explore beyond the confines of San Diego County, Roberto undertook life on the road for a couple of years traveling throughout public lands around Mexico and the United States. This eventually led him to New Mexico to work as a Crew Member with the Bureau of Land Management’s Assessment Inventory and Monitoring program (AIM) where he further developed his vegetation monitoring skills.

Today, he has joined the Institute of Applied Ecology as Agricultural Liaison promoting and improving the harvest of native seeds in New Mexico and its neighboring states.

When he is not at work, you may find Roberto fly-fishing or hiking throughout the rivers and mountains of the western US.