Rare and Endangered Species and Invasive Species Threats (RESIST)


Kincaid’s lupine engulfed by invasive false-brome grass. Rare species like this face threats from invaders, and the RESIST wiki provides a database where people can share information on control methods that spare the rare species.

The RESIST wiki (no longer available) is a searchable database for biologists and managers to share information about how invasive species are impacting rare species, and what methods are available to control invaders without harm to our most sensitive biota.  Our goals with RESIST are to:

  • Document and assess the risks of competitive exclusion, fire, habitat degradation, and other threats caused by invasive species infestations
  • Describe and/or develop methods for safely reducing these weed threats in ways that are compatible with sensitive species populations
  • Identify invasive species common among sensitive species habitats
  • Improve management of rare species populations and reduce the threats to these species


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