Reports and documents by IAE staff.  

Lomatium cookii population monitoring in the Illinois Valley, Josephine County, Oregon

Pfingsten, Ian A., Denise Giles-Johnson, and Thomas N. Kaye   2015

Developing reintroduction techniques for Lomatium cookii

Kaye, Thomas N., Ian A. Pfingsten, Denise Giles, and Ian S. Silvernail   2016

Executive Summary Lomatium cookii is endemic to southwestern Oregon with only two known populations in Jackson and Josephine Counties. The species is listed as endangered by the State of Oregon and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Draft Recovery Plan for the species identifies population augmentation and reintroduction as necessary steps toward recovery. […]

Annual Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Report for 2014 (Year 7) Off-site Mitigation, North Fork Siuslaw River Bridge Project

Laura S. Brophy and Laura A. Brown   2014


2014 Monitoring Report: Tamara Quays Tidal Wetland Restoration

Laura S. Brophy and Laura A. Brown   2014


Baseline Monitoring at Wallooskee-Youngs Restoration Site, 2015: Blue Carbon and Channel Morphology

Laura S. Brophy, Laura A. Brown, Michael J. Eward, and Erin K. Peck   2015


2015 Monitoring Report: Pixieland Tidal Wetland Restoration

Laura A. Brown and Laura S. Brophy   2015


Ni-les’tun Tidal Wetland Restoration Effectiveness Monitoring: Year 4 Post-Restoration (2015)

Laura A. Brown, Michael J. Ewald, and Laura S. Brophy   2016


Southern Flow Corridor Baseline Effectiveness Monitoring: 2014

Laura A. Brown, Michael J. Ewald, Laura S. Brophy, and Stan van de Wetering   2016


Development of propagation protocols for Bartonberry (Rubus bartonianus)

Bahm, Matt A. and Erin C. Gray   2015

Population and habitat monitoring for Kincaid’s lupine and Hitchcock’s blue-eyed grass at Oak Basin

Giles, Denise, Erin C. Gray and Meaghan Petix   2015