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Astragalus mulfordiae: Population dynamics and the effect of cattle grazing in the Vale district BLM

Erin Gray, Meaghan Petix, and Matt Bahm   2015

This document summarizes monitoring of Astragalus mulfordiae (Mulford’s milkvetch) on land managed by the BLM Vale District.  In 2015, we monitored plots testing for effects of herbivory on A. mulfordiae in permanent plots along with transects looking at long-term population trends and plant community composition. In 2015 we observed an increase in densities of A. […]

Restoration of Willamette Valley upland prairies at Fern Ridge Lake

Erin C. Gray and Matt A. Bahm   2015

Fern Ridge Research Natural Area (RNA) is a cluster of remnant prairie sites within the southern Willamette Valley, managed by the Bureau of Land Management Eugene District. The Fern Ridge master plan provides these sites with wildlife habitat or environmentally sensitive land use designations. The current rare species management plan and Biological Opinion place primary emphasis on activities to benefit […]

Controlling exotic grasses while maintaining native plant communities in fire- maintained wet prairies

Matt A. Bahm and Erin C. Gray   2015

Lomatium bradshawii is found in wet prairie habitats, and protected, good quality wet prairie remnants like the Fern Ridge Research Natural Area (RNA) are critical for the recovery of this species.  Wet prairie habitats at Fern Ridge RNA are currently managed using prescribed fire, which benefits the plant community by decreasing thatch and promoting germination by native species. Unfortunately, […]

Threat assessment for Limnanthes pumila ssp. pumila on Table Rocks ACEC

Erin C. Gray, Denise E.L. Giles-Johnson, and M.A. Bahm   2015

Upper and Lower Table Rocks, located northeast of Medford, Oregon, are collectively designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Table Rocks are characterized primarily by vernal pool and mound habitats that support several rare species, including Limnanthes pumila ssp. pumila (née Limnanthes floccosa ssp. pumila), […]

Evaluation of population trends and potential threats to a rare serpentine endemic, Calochortus coxii (Crinite mariposa lily)

Erin C. Gray   2015

• The major threats of C. coxii noted over the course of our study include encroachment by conifers and invasion by exotic species. Recent treatments at Bilger 1 in close proximity to long-term monitoring transects indicate that careful canopy thinning was associated with an increased number of flowering individuals in those areas, though response may […]

West Eugene Wetlands Habitat Monitoring at Greenhill, Oxbow West, and Fir Butte

Gray, E.C. and M.A. Bahm   2015

This document summarizes habitat monitoring in the West Eugene Wetlands on land managed by the BLM Eugene District. In 2015, we monitored Fir Butte SE, and new areas at Oxbow West (NW), and Greenhill (N) to assess whether they were within the habitat targets for Threatened and Endangered species or offer potential habitat for nearby […]

Willamette University at Zena: Restoration Plan for Prairies and Oak Savannas and Woodlands Phase 1: 2015-2020

Moore, Peter, Ben Axt and Larkin Guenther   2015

This restoration plan outlines recommendations for habitat restoration activities to occur over seven years (2015-2020) within the Willamette University at Zena (WUZ). WUZ is a 305-acre property in the Eola Hills, Polk County, Oregon, eight miles northwest of Willamette University’s main campus in Salem. The University sustainably manages WUZ with the goal of using it […]

Lupinus oreganus in the BLM Roseburg District: Population monitoring and restoration

Giles, Denise   2015

This document reports preliminary findings and summarizes methods used in monitoring the threatened species Lupinus oreganus in the BLM Roseburg District.  In 2015, we monitored L. oreganus populations by assessing foliar (leaf) cover (a measure of abundance), raceme count, and fruit production at six different sites in the Roseburg District. Alarmingly, seed set and raceme […]

Clatsop Plains – Long Beach Peninsula Coastal Prairie Restoration 2015 Report

Bahm, M.A. and D.E. Giles   2015

Executive Summary In 2015, treatments varied by site and establishment of seeded species was low across sites. Future monitoring will help to elucidate treatment effectiveness and aid in management recommendations. NCLC Sites Treatments did reduce cover of both exotic forbs and graminoids, in comparison to control plots. Native species cover was minimal across treatments, due […]

Evaluating streaked horned lark habitat creation and population response at Herbert Farm.

Moore, Peter   2015

Creating habitat for streaked horned lark (Eremophila alpestris strigata) on working agricultural lands and restored prairies is critical to any efforts to recover this imperiled bird species. This 2015 Annual report to US Fish and Wildlife Service (Grant Agreement # F14AP00668) provides initial results comparing three restoration treatments to create habitat for streaked horned lark, […]

Witham-Gellatly Prairie planting report and restoration progress

Moore, Peter   2015

Witham-Gellatly is a 20.2 acre upland prairie near Philomath, Oregon, owned by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), to mitigate for future impacts on Kincaid’s lupine and Fender’s blue butterfly due to roadside maintenance activities. This report to ODOT (contract #30173) summarizes planting and restoration progress.

Controlling exotic grasses while maintaining native plant communities in fire-maintained wet prairies

Bahm, M.A. and E.C. Gray   2015

Executive Summary Overall, several treatment(s) show promise for individual aspects that we were considering (Anthozanthum odoratum cover, native species cover, and invasive species cover). Currently, no individual treatment tested provides desired levels of all of the measured variables. Future monitoring is necessary to continue to refine the management techniques and provide the most accurate recommendations. […]

Kincaid’s lupine (Lupinus oreganus) and habitat monitoring at Fir Butte

Bahm, M.A. and D.E. Giles   2015

Demography and management of Willamette daisy (Erigeron decumbens)

Giles, D.E.L. and M.A. Bahm   2015

 Executive Summary Over the course of this study 6 populations of Willamette daisy were created (Big Spires, Kirk East, Applegate), or augmented (Atlantic Pacific, Finley Field 29, Finley Field 8N). A total of 3,416 were outplanted over the course of the study. As of the spring of 2015 1,308 are surviving and an additional 502 […]

Abronia umbellata ssp. breviflora on the Oregon Coast: Reintroduction and monitoring

Giles, Denise and Thomas Kaye   2015

This report summarizes Abronia umbellata subsp. breviflora (pink sand-verbena) research along the Oregon coast since 1997, including seeding and transplantation experiments and population monitoring at several beach and dune habitats. In 2015 our actions and observations included activities at: Tahkenitch, Siltcoos Creek, Overlook North and Overlook South managed by the Forest Service, and Coos Bay North Spit and New River managed by the Coos Bay BLM.