A letter from Lovelock Corrections inmate and sagebrush participant, Lynn Huffman

Sagebrush Project denote a second chance

Are you tired of waiting for something to happen? Second chances are always a ray of hope for
prisoners. An opportunity to assist someone or something is a chance to show a little initiative. I’ve
never been more excited to be part of something more far reaching than myself than when I
volunteered to participate in this sagebrush project.

One of the largest and most influential organizations is the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, a Swiss-
based NGO with an annual budget of over $120 million and operations in 90 countries. The WWF
leadership represents more than 5 million members around the world and an organization with more
than 4 or 5 decades of history seeking to promote biodiversity and preserve the environment. WWF has
invested over $1 billion in more than twelve thousand projects worldwide, has played a central role in
helping to preserve species from the tiger to the lechwe Antelope, and has lobbied for everything from
the preservation of fresh water to sustainable development policies. But with a mandate to work with
governments and corporations, the WWF has run afoul of critics, which was seen as a compromise to its

Yet, here is something we can all be a part of and do something about. It’s local, right here in front of
us, something we can get our hands on, affect and view results. We have folks right here in Nevada that
have invested time, resources, expertise, and money putting together this gigantic puzzle of services
with one core purpose– – to make something happen, a second chance. Therefore, I am truly grateful to
those beyond the prison for bringing this stage of the project to the inside.

A wayward man finds new hope with restoring an endangered species and its home. Inexperienced and
forgotten by the old society, but now is willing to look beyond his world to give a second chance to
fauna and flora by volunteering to help vegetation, which help an animal he will never see. Reviving the
sagebrush environment may be a long shot but the love for this game and habitat is to see it in ways no
one can imagine; from positive alternative activities, role models and prevention of a loss of an alluring

Prisoners have the will and desire to change for the better. Thus too, the benefits of the program,
despite the odds, have the will and desire to overcome the obstacles faced and change for the better.
Thank you for an opportunity to make a difference. And thank you for allowing me to bring my story of
what the sagebrush project has done for me within my world

Mr. Lynn L. Huffman