Habitat Restoration Program

The Habitat Restoration Program creates and manages habitat for plants and wildlife.  Our goal is to restore Pacific Northwest habitats by conducting on-the-ground restoration, developing ecologically appropriate seed sources, cultivating partnerships that promote regional conservation, and advancing innovative and research-based restoration techniques.  We also develop and implement site specific management and restoration plans.

Examples of projects we conduct include:

Taylor's checkerspot butterfly

  • Habitat restoration in Willamette Valley prairies to support wildlife, pollinators, and endangered species
  • Restoration of coastal grasslands to support at-risk butterflies, such as the Oregon Silverspot
  • Partnering with local tribes to conduct restoration that includes culturally significant plants
  • Contribute to the recovery of threatened and endangered species through their reintroduction, including propagation or captive rearing, release into wild sites, and follow-up monitoring
  • Host the Willamette Valley Native Plant Materials Cooperative to support local habitat restoration
  • Control and suppress the spread of invasive species through local eradication and broader partnerships

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Habitat Restoration Staff

Rebecca Currin, Program Director

Peter Moore, Restoration Ecologist

Andy Neill, Restoration Ecologist

Rolando Beorchia, Restoration Technician

Emily Wittkop, Plant Materials Field Technician