Conservation Research Program

The Conservation Research Program works with partners throughout the Pacific Northwest to enhance the restoration and conservation of native habitats and species.  We conduct rigorous research and communicate results to land managers and others. Our projects range from short-term experiments to decade-long studies.  Our goals are to conduct research leading to efficient, long-term conservation and restoration of native species and habitats, and to communicate our findings through planning and outreach.

Here are some types of projects we conduct:

Erigeron decumbens w bee

Willamette daisy (Erigeron decumbens), an endangered species that occurs only in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Shown here being pollinated by a solitary bee.

  • Monitoring rare, endangered and sensitive species in a variety of habitats
  • Experiments testing methods for restoring native habitats, including using fire, herbicides, livestock grazing, carbon addition, and mowing
  • Evaluating the effects of climate change on endangered species
  • Rare plant reintroduction using both seeds and greenhouse-grown transplants
  • Using long-term demographic studies to make predictions on population trajectories
  • Writing conservation and monitoring plans
  • Conducting surveys for rare plant species

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