Laura Shriver

Laura is the Plant Conservation and Restoration Program Specialist out of the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico State Office in Santa Fe. Laura supports the BLM’s conservation and restoration programs by assessing partner needs, developing target lists, and coordinating BLM seed crews. She grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and studied Environmental Studies and Biology at Oberlin College. Since graduating in 2016, Laura has collected seed for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank in New York, monitored rare plants for the New England Wildflower Society, and collected ecological data for the Great Basin Institute. Laura became involved with the Southwest Seed Partnership as a crew lead for a National Park Service Crew for IAE. She went on to lead another crew for the BLM for the 2019 field season. Laura is passionate about botany, conservation, restoration, and likes to nerd out about endemic plants and local adaptation. In her spare time, Laura can be found climbing, hiking, backpacking, taking photographs, or making pizza.