Annual Invasive Species Cook-off Fundraiser

This event will be virtual in 2020. Stay tuned for the details!

What:  For 8 years, the Invasive Species Cook-off Contest featured invasive plants, catered buffet dinner, live music, and kid activities including lawn games, face painting and piñata! Guests can enter the Cook-off or Beverage contests and vie for great local prizes! See Cook-off Contest details, below.

Why: You've heard of invasive species - when plants and animals are introduced to areas without their natural enemies, they can crowd out our native species. The US spends over $120 billion annually on their control. We raise awareness of these species in a deliciously fun way that features invasive species. 

How: All proceeds after expenses support IAE's restoration, research, and ecological education work. As this is a fundraiser event, you must buy tickets to attend and to enter the Cook-off contest. 

Click here to watch a great video about our Cook-Off on Oregon Field Guide.  Thank you OPB!

Visit our 2019 Cook-off blog post to see photos from the event!

Thank you 2019 Cook-off Contest Entrants: Debbie Johnson, Brad Loveland, Paul Heimowitz, Jana Svoboda, Matt Bahm, Chris Bentley, Randall Bonner, Matthew Kleiner, and Erika Stewart

Esteemed 2019 Judges: Matt Slaughter, Jesse Mitchell, Chris Parson, Victor Berthelsdorf, Andrew Esterson, Ben Axt, Brad Loveland, Molly Monroe, and Ken Bierly. Thank you all!

IAE volunteers are our heroes:  Loree Rose, Owen Dell, Karl Hartzell, Katarina Lunde, Daniel Extrom, Brad Loveland, Desirae Wrathall, Abby Metzger, and Chris Parson. Thank you!

SPONSORS: This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  If you or your business would like to help, you can submit a raffle prize, or sponsor the event.  Call Michel at 541-53-3099 x 701 or email michelw 'at' for ways you can get involved!

Cook-off Dish & Beverage Contest Details:

If you make a mean blackberry pie, mint pesto, dandelion wine, knotweed IPA, or anything else that contains invasive plants, then you could win an award! 

Update: New this year, we are only focusing on invasive plant species for the Contest. All Contest entries must be vegetarian - that means no invasive animals, such nutria, starlings, crawfish, or fish.

Please visit our Guidelines for harvesting invasive plants before you enter. More specific information on individual invasive species here

Dish entry categories: 

  1. Savory Vegetarian
  2. Dessert
  3. Beverages

Notes: Please make enough of your dish to have several healthy portions for judging and sampling. Bring your dish with you to the Cook-off, and submit it to the Contest table. Need recipe ideas? Check out They’re Cooked, our invasive species cookbook, for some delicious recipe ideas!

Brewed beverage categories (Please note we cannot accept distilled spirits):

  1. Alcoholic (open-style competition)
  2. Non-alcoholic beverage brewed with an invasive species

Examples of past years' beverage entries include: Queen Anne's lace ale, blackberry wine, scotch broom ale, blackberry kombucha, mint lemonade, etc.  Questions? Call Matt at 541-753-3099 x 703.

This event is a fundraiser for the Institute for Applied Ecology, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Thanks for taking a bite out of invasive species!


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