Annual Invasive Species Cook-off Fundraiser

Join us for the 2017 Invasive Species Cook-off! 

WHEN: Saturday, August 11th, 2018, 5-8 pm

WHERE: Harris Bridge Vineyard, Philomath, Oregon

WHY: We eat 'em to beat 'em! IAE encourages eradication of invasive species to help give native species a fighting chance.

HOW: Tickets will be on sale in advance this year beginning June 1.

WHAT:  Invasive Species Cook-off contest and potluck dinner. Live music, local libations, beverage competition, face painting and piñata! 

WHO: We welcome our members, volunteers, supporters and their guests. Bring the kids! 

CLICK HERE to watch a great video about our Cook-Off on Oregon Field Guide.  Thank you OPB!



So what is an invasive species? When plants and animals are introduced to areas without their natural enemies, they can crowd out our native species. We want to fight back by encouraging the use (eating) these invasive plants and animals. (Oregon Noxious Weed list here, more information on invasives here). If you can use an invader in a dish, you may enter our Cook-off contest and could win a prize! You should bring any dish to share to our event, with or without invasives, as it is a potluck dinner!

But if you make a mean blackberry pie, dandelion wine, crayfish etouffee, nutria stew, knotweed IPA, fried bullfrog legs or anything else that contains invasives, then bring it on! Enter your potluck creation into the cook-off contest by bringing three separate small-but-taster-sized servings for the judges, and have them on the contest table by 6:00 pm.

Need recipe ideas? Then check out They’re Cooked, our invasive species cookbook, for some delicious dishes!

Cook-Off Categories:

  • Best Savory Meat Dish
  • Best Savory Vegetarian Dish
  • Best Dessert/Sweet
  • Best Beverage (21+ or all-ages)

Bringing your dish to the contest:

  • ENTRY SIZES: Please bring 3 generous-but-taster-sized servings for the judges. Bring more to share in the potluck - we'd love to taste your creations!
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: If your cook-off entry needs to be kept warm or cold, please bring what you need to make that happen. Electricity will be available.
  • JUDGING: Cook-Off entries must be on the contest table by 6:00 pm when judging starts.
  • CATEGORIES: Judges will score your cook-off entry on the following criteria: 1) creativity, 2) presentation, 3) taste, and 4) conservation benefit (how problematic is the invasive species you’re using?).
  • WINNERS: The winning entries in each category will be announced between 6:30 & 7:00 pm.

This event is a fundraiser for the Institute for Applied Ecology, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your donations are tax-deductible and directly support IAE's on-the-ground habitat and species conservation programs.

Thanks for taking a bite out of invasive species!

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