Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly

Taylor’s checkerspot is an endangered butterfly of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.


  1. I have a picture of what looks like a Taylor’s Checkerspot that l took near Fort Bragg, CA. USA. I would like to know if the butterfly that l took a picture of is in fact a Taylor’s Checkerspot. Where can l send my picture too for conformation if is or not?
    Thank You!
    Dave Lynch

    • Hi Dave,
      Looks like although I personally didn’t see your comment on the website until today, the system IS working as I’m told Tom already replied to you the next day.
      Sorry for my confusion.

  2. Hello!

    I was reading a few articles about the Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly and realized that I have seen the Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly in an area not indicated on the maps in this article (I have photographic evidence as well). It is common for around 20-30 butterflies to move into areas a good distance from their range indicated on maps?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment. Where did you see Taylor’s checkerspot?
      There are other very similar species and subspecies of checkerspots so conferring with an identification manual and even a butterfly expert may be needed to get a confirmed sighting.

      It is not common for a large group of these butterflies to migrate quickly to a new area. How far from a known population was the sight?

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