Maggie Parrish

Maggie is the Southwest Seed Partnership Coordinator at IAE’s New Mexico office. Maggie works with stakeholders to assess needs for native plant materials, manages seed collection crews and creates target species lists, supports native plant growers, and helps with IAE Southwest’s restoration and education programs. Maggie received her M.Sc. in Conservation Biology (2017) from the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and her B.A. in Biology from Colby College (2015). As an undergraduate, Maggie worked as a research assistant on botanical projects in the deciduous forests of Maine, cloud forests of Costa Rica, and South African savannas. In 2015, Maggie was a Seeds of Success (SOS) intern for the Bureau of Land Management in Taos, New Mexico, where she developed her interest in native seed collection for restoration. Maggie then pursued graduate work in South Africa; exploring the impact of fire and grazing management on grassland forb communities, and furthering her passion for plant conservation and rangeland management. In her spare time, Maggie enjoys hiking and skiing around New Mexico, running on forest trails that remind her of childhood home in Maine, taming her backyard garden, seeking out live music, and experimenting in her kitchen.