Leanna Van Slambrook

Leanna is a Plant Materials Technician at IAE. She works with the US Army Corps of Engineers at Fern Ridge Reservoir where she is responsible for the propagation of threatened and endangered species and for work to increase native plant diversity to support Fender’s blue butterflies and other pollinators in the upland and wet prairies. Seed collection and restoration seeding are both part of her seasonal work around Fern Ridge.  She is passionate about her work and loves a propagation challenge or seed collection scavenger hunt.

As a transplant from Memphis, Tennessee, she moved out to Oregon in 2010 to start a new adventure. Drawn to the mountains and rocky coast she packed up and moved out west without knowing much at all about the area. She started going to Lane Community College where she waffled between majoring in geology or botany, then discovered soil science was a culmination of so many of the things she was excited about. She attended Oregon State University and received a B.S. in Soil Resource Management with a minor in botany.

When not at the Fern Ridge Office, Leanna spends a large amount of her time participating in the shenanigans of  her local roller derby team, The Sick Town Derby Dames. When not on skates, she spends her time running around in the woods, lounging with her dogs, cackling with friends or savoring the good beer of the PNW doing all of the above.