Jessica Celis

Jessica Celis is one of IAE’s restoration ecologists. Her fascination with plants began when she watched and recorded the growth of her small garden as a child. Her formal training and education of plant systems started during her time as a undergraduate at San Jose State University in California. There she studied restoration ecology and general plant biology. As an undergraduate she conducted research focused on the edaphic speciation of two goldfield species, worked as the native plant garden coordinator, and was a field/lab assistant for an ecological restoration and water fowl disturbance experiment. After graduating, Jessica worked as a seasonal employee for both private and government agencies conducting rare and invasive plant surveys and collecting data for a variety of long-term forest ecology experiments. She received her Master’s degree in 2015 from Oregon State University; there she studied the functional and flowering traits of Cascade Range meadow species across a gradient of conifer encroachment. When not working at IAE, Jessica enjoys adventuring outdoors and spending time with her husband and pup.