James McAuliffe

James attended college studying philosophy and environmental science. He has always enjoyed the endless questions and learning that accompanies environmental work. Working with the environment has brought him immense joy and endless captivation.

For multiple years he has worked to contribute to the preservation and conservation of native landscapes. Making seed collections and devoting time to clearing and repairing native plant community matrices. Partnering with different forest preserves or county nature preserves as a volunteer and as an employee at other times.

Some of the organizations he has had the pleasure to work for are the Lake Forest Open Lands, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Champaign County Forest Preserve District, and Bureau of land management. He has performed a number of different roles from chainsawing, wetland restoration, prairie/savanna restoration, native plantings, seed collection, rare plant monitoring, and cultivation of native plants.

In a never faltering effort to help conserve species James has found his way to the Institute for Applied Ecology where he works to ensure that the needs of the native species in farm production are met so that they can be successfully harvested or planted in the field. As Farm Technician, his work varies from green house work to farm field work and seed cleaning.