Erin Gray

Erin is an EcErin Grayologist in the Conservation Research Program, where her duties include project management, report writing, data analysis, and field work all over the state.

Erin received her M.S. in Botany & Plant Pathology (2011) at Oregon State University, where she focused on plant ecology.  Her thesis research involved evaluating the invasion potential of forage kochia (Kochia prostrata), an exotic sub-shrub widely seeded for management purposes throughout western rangelands.

Erin obtained a B.S. in Biology at University of Oregon in 2005.  She has worked for various Federal and State agencies in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Washington, conducting research on effective management techniques and restoration.  She loves travel and prior to graduate school, went on a 6-month adventure exploring New Zealand and Southeast Asia with her husband.  Outside of work, Erin enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

Selected publications:

Gray, E.C., Muir, P.S., 2013. Does Kochia prostrata Spread From Seeded Sites? An Evaluation From Southwestern Idaho, USA. Rangeland Ecology and Management 66:191–203.

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