Alexis Larsen

Alexis has worked in plant conservation and habitat restoration since 2008. She received her M.S. in Ecology from Oregon State University where she studied a rare plant species of dynamic cobble-bar environments on the Columbia River. Prior to that, she spent a field season in Gunnison, Colorado, working in riparian restoration. She also spent two seasons as a Conservation Research Intern. Her field work, studies, and love for Oregon and its native habitats took her to the southern Oregon coast, where she worked for the Coos Watershed Association on riparian, invasive species, and salmon habitat restoration projects. Moving on from the coast, Alexis continued salmon habitat restoration work in the iconic Rogue River Basin working to improve fish passage and floodplain connectivity. Alexis brings her experience and diverse set of skills as IAE’s Native Seed Partnership Coordinator. When not working, Alexis enjoys cooking new recipes, hiking, reading, planning adventures, and playing with her two orange tabby cats, Finley and Cheddar.