Dionné Mej̨ía

Dionné Mej̨ía is the Ecological Education Program Coordinator for IAE. She develops curriculum for the Sagebrush in Prisons Project, and coordinates inmates to grow native seedlings in prisons to be used in restoring the native sagebrush ecosystem. She also coordinates youth education programs with the juvenile detention center, and the Classrooms Across Borders project connecting elementary school students in Corvallis and Mexico.
Dionné obtained her B.S. in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution from the University of California San Diego and studied rove beetle diversity in the Sonoran Desert for her Master’s thesis. She has worked as a teaching assistant, community college instructor, and after-school tutor. In 2017 she interned as a naturalist at the University of Georgia Costa Rica Campus, where she led outdoor tours and lectures in the tropical rainforest for students and tourists. She also studied dung beetle diversity and curated an insect collection in Costa Rica https://ugacostaricablog.com/2017/12/ , and was most recently the crew lead for a forest pollinator study out of Dr. Jim River’s lab at Oregon State university.
In her free time, Dionné enjoys riding her bike, being outdoors, and knitting.