Tree planting at Herbert Farm

On February 1st 2017 a crew from R. Franco Restoration planted 7,500 trees and shrubs at Herbert Farm and Natural Area, a City of Corvallis property in Benton County, Oregon.
IAE is helping Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who hold a conservation easement on the property through the Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program, to restore formerly farmed fields to upland and wet prairie, and riparian habitats.
Seventeen species of trees and shrubs, including bigleaf maple, black cottonwood, Douglas spirea, Pacific ninebark and Scouler's willow were planted in high density rows.

A crew from R. Franco Restoration planting at Herbert Farm and Natural Area

A shrub seedling being planted

Rosario Franco and planting crew at Herbert Farm

Planting trees and shrubs at Herbert Farm

This is the third year of tree planting at Herbert Farm - over the previous two years 58,600 trees and shrubs were planted to create 29 acres of new riparian forest.
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