Benton Country Prairie Species Habitat Conservation Plan

Project Objectives

Benton County encompasses some of the highest quality remaining prairie and oak savanna remnants in Oregon. In spring of 2006, Benton County received a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan.  This project will allow the County to:

    • expand upon current conservation efforts by increasing restoration opportunities on County and other private lands
    • provide long-term protection of sensitive species and habitats
    • develop a more economical and ecological approach to species conservation and mitigation

The County and its citizenry are committed to creating a sustainable community for present and future residents.

 The Institute for Applied Ecology has been contracted by Benton County to assist with development of the HCP.

 For more information visit Benton County Prairie Species HCP website

Prairie Conservation Strategy

The Benton County Prairie Conservation Strategy is an appendix of the HCP and is a stand-alone reference guide.   The Strategy describes voluntary conservation actions on public and private lands to maintain and increase prairie and oak habitats and identifies non-regulatory programs that provide incentives and assistance to land owners for habitat conservation.

For more information visit the Prairie Conservation Strategy website.

In June of 2009 Benton County residents and restoration practitioners were surveyed to determine interest in habitat conservation measures and to solicit suggestions for conservation strategies.

View the Raw Survey Results (pdf).

View the Survey Results tabulated by rural land ownership (pdf).