IAE in the News


8/28/19: Peninsula Daily News: New maps chart possible course for estuary restoration // OREGON

8/22/19: Good News Network: Female inmates are helping to save endangered butterflies // USA

8/21/19: OPB: Many of the West’s estuaries have vanished: Here’s why that matters // OREGON

8/19/19: New Maps chart possible course for estuary restoration, The Daily Astorian // OREGON

8/18/19: Incarcerated women help recover rare Northwest butterfly species, OPB // OREGON

8/17/19: New Maps show how little is left of West Coast estuaries, San Francisco Chronicle // CALIFORNIA

6/22/19: Monarch Butterflies in New Mexico, Colores! PBS New Mexico // NEW MEXICO

5/24/2019: Field trips promote science learning across borders, Corvallis Gazette-Times // OREGON

5/2019: Restoring Habitat and Hope, Society for Ecological Restoration’s International Network for Seed-Based Restoration // NATIONAL

5/8/2019: Warner Creek AICs reap what they sow, Lake County Examiner // OREGON

2/8/19: Short documentary film on our work with the Sandy River Watershed Council // OREGON

1/30/19: OSU press: Six Oregon salt marshes have stayed ahead of the rising sea, study says // OREGON

1/4/19 Invasive Species Turned into Sustainable Delicacies, PBS Independent Lens // NATIONAL


12/12/18 Lake County Examiner From Seedlings to Sagebrush: A Year of Success at Warner Creek Correctional Facility // OREGON

11/26/18 Corvallis Gazette-Times Business in Brief features Stacy Moore’s TIAA Difference Maker 100 Award // OREGON

11/9/18 Argus Observer: Rehab for public lands // OREGON

10/17/18: KITV : Idaho inmates help save sage grouse habitat by growing sage brush from seeds to plant in the desert // IDAHO

10/18/18 KTVB Boise: Idaho inmates help with fire rehabilitation // IDAHO

10/14/18 Idaho press: Inmates help restore habitat through sagebrush planting program // IDAHO

10/8/18 Argus Observer: Institute for Applied Ecology’s Stacy Moore named to TIAA Difference Maker 100 // OREGON

10/01/18 Business Wire, TIAA unveils the TIAA Difference Maker 100 recognizing extraordinary people helping to create a better tomorrow // NATIONAL

10/21/18 Corvallis Gazette-Times, Volunteers plant willows at Bald Hill // OREGON

9/27/18 Feds Restore funds for inmates to produce sagebrush plants, Central Oregon’s News Channel 21 story // OREGON

8/27/18  Students learn to teach, Corvallis Gazette-Times // OREGON

7/19/18  Invasive Species Cook-off, Corvallis Gazette-Times // OREGON

6/12/18 Sage grousing: Senators charge Interior is holding up conservation grants, Huffpost/Yahoo news //NATIONAL

6/2/18 Elko Daily Free Press: Sagebrush Savvy // IDAHO

5/11/18 News 4 and Fox 11 in Carson City, Nevada, on the Sagebrush in Prisons project  // NEVADA

4/10/18 OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences features IAE’s Estuary Technical Group research // OREGON

3/26/2018 The Corvallis Gazette-Times features IAE’s Exploring Oregon’s Ecosystems Field Day in Spanish // OREGON

3/2/2018 The Capital Press features Tom Kaye and the funding status of Sagebrush in Prisons. // OREGON


12/28/17 The Nevada Independent features the Sagebrush in Prisons funding freeze. // NEVADA

11/14/17 KTWO News in Lander, Wyoming, features students planting out sagebrush grown in our Utah facility.  // WYOMING

11/13/17 Gillette, WY News Record features these Sagebrush in Prisons plants planted by middle school children.  // WYOMING

11/16/2017 KTVN News in Reno, Nevada, features the Sagebrush in Prisons fundraising campaign // NEVADA

10/23/2017 Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud “Planting Sagebrush” radio segment // OREGON

10/20/2017 News 4 Fox 11 TV: “Nevada inmates Work to Restore Burned Habitat By Growing Sagebrush” news segment // NEVADA

2017: EarthEd Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet, “Sustainability Education in Prisons: Transforming Lives, Transforming the World” book chapter // earthed.info

10/10/17 KIVI TV “Female Prisoners help repair fire damage by creating thousands of sage seedlings,” news segment // IDAHO

10/09/17: East Idaho News, “Prison inmates working to restore greater sage grouse habitat,” news article // IDAHO

9/27/17: Argus Observer, “Prison habitat project may see an end” news article // OREGON

Summer 2017, “Welcome to the Green House,” Northwest_Magazine_Summer_2017” BLM, Portland// OREGON

09/10/2017: Argus Observer “Educating Inmates: Lectures ‘bring science and nature’ into prison” news article // OREGON

09/06/2017: Outdoor Life Magazine “Inmates Are-Growing Sagebrush in Western Prisons for Wildlife Conservation”, online story // MONTANA

7/19/17: KATU News: Endangered butterfly lab at Coffee Creek prison nurtures insects and inmates” news story // OREGON

06/01/2017: Earth Island Journal “The Butterfly Effect: Habitat and endangered species restoration programs in Oregon’s prisons are helping inmates find new purpose in life” magazine article // USA

05/18/2017: “Montana State Prison to Grow Sagebrush for Greater Sage-grouse Habitat” press release // MONTANA

04/26/2017: “Inmates Help to Restore Sage-Grouse Populations” video segment // NEVADA

03/09/2017: Sustainabilityinprisons.org “Fracking Lecture at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center” article // WASHINGTON STATE

02/26/2017 : OPB’s Oregon Field Guide “Oregon Prison Sagebrush Project Aims To Engage, Educate Inmates” OPB video segment // OREGON

01/27/2017: Idaho Partners Continue long-term habitat rehab” article // IDAHO


11/21/2016 The Spectrum “BLM restoring lands with aid from inmates” news article//UTAH

11/09/2016: Lake County Examiner “WCC finish up sagebrush work newspaper article”//OREGON

10/11/2016: Idaho inmates work to restore birds’ habitat video segment//IDAHO

10/01/2016: Stacy Moore and Gretchen Graber Sagebrush Packing Instructional Video @ Coyote Ridge Correctional institution //WASHINGTON

09/07/2016: The Nature Here TV Show “Invasive Cook-Off. ‘If you can’t beat ’em. Eat ’em.'” video segment //OREGON

08/27/2016: Gazette Times “Invasive Species Cook-Off  returns today” news article //OREGON

08/24/2016: Corvallis Advocate “Fifth Annual Invasive Species Cook-Off” news article //OREGON

08/16/2016: News4Nevada “Inmates help restore sage grouse habitat” news article //NEVADA

06/24/2016: The Oregonian/Oregon Live “Eat invasive species and save Oregon natives” news article //OREGON

06/23/16: Washington DOC “Federal Bureau of Land Management Official Visits Sagebrush Restoration Project at CRCC” news article // WASHINGTON

05/2016: Foodtank: Putting Invasive Species On the Menu // NATIONAL

05/25/16: Lake County Examiner “WCCF Inmates plant to make wildlife impact” news article // OREGON

05/18/2016: Ideas on Parade/Linn Benton Community College: “Invasive Species Cook-Off” blog article //OREGON

05/01/16: Review Journal ” Inmates and Sagebrush helping to save sage-grouse” news article // LAS VEGAS

04/27/16: WVLT TV “Inmates helping to heal Nevada’s landscape” news segment // NATIONAL

04/26/16: KOLO TV “Inmates helping heal Nevada’s landscape and sage grouse” news segment // NEVADA

04/26/16: KTVN “Rehabilitating habitats and humans” news segment // NEVADA

04/26/16: KUNR “Nevada inmates pitch in to restore sage-grouse habitat” news article and audio segment // NEVADA

04/20/16: KTVB TV “Inmates to grow plants to protect sage-grouse” news article// IDAHO

04/19/16: KIVI TV “Inmates help plant seeds in wildfire devastated areas” news article // IDAHO

03/18/16: Gazette Times “Visits to Bald Hill” news article // OREGON

03/13/16: Gazette Times “Families Find Fun and Finley Field Day” news article // OREGON

02/11/16: OPB Oregon Field Guide “Invasive Species Cook off” TV segment // OREGON

11/12/2015 Coyote Ridge Sagebrush plugs being planted by Oregon BLM VIDEO segment // OREGON & WASHINGTON

11/06/15 Washington inmates help restore greater sage-grouse habitat NEW ARTICLE // WASHINGTON

08/28/15: Gazette Times “Local teachers learn to make the outdoors their classroom” news article // OREGON

05/13/15: Gazette Times “Students say goodbye to outdoor education program at Greenbelt’s Evergreen property” news article// OREGON

02/28/2015 Student helps inmates restore greater sage-grouse habitat News article //WASHINGTON

09/24/14: Gazette Times “Invasive Species Cook-off adds new dimension” news article // OREGON

08/17/14: Gazette Times “Unlocking the outdoors” news article // OREGON