Ian Pfingsten

Ian is a Ian Pfingstenplant conservation biologist for IAE where he develops climate-driven plant demographic models to assess climate change effects on Oregon’s rare plant populations. He also uses the Climate Change Vulnerability Index developed by NatureServe.org to assess climate change impacts on various plant and animal species.

Ian completed his B.S. in Biology at University of Central Florida and his M.S. in Botany at Oregon State University, and he interned at Archbold Biological Station in the Plant Ecology Lab, where he developed his love of plant population ecology and fermented beverages. While in Florida, he rehabilitated raptors, monitored lakes, streams, and wildlife crossings, and deejayed at a local college radio station. While in Oregon, he taught biology and plant ecology, monitored rare plant populations, and refereed for a local roller derby league. Ian is interested in environmental drivers of plant population dynamics and spatio-temporal community heterogeneity. He also enjoys nonparametric statistics, mushroom hunting, and singing to his pets.

541-753-3099 ext. 306